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Baguette Vending Machines Are Here; America's First Bacon Critic

Five things to chew on


Another Monday, and the start to another week full of potential. May political scandal and Donald Trump's mouth take a break this week so we can focus on more important things, like Darth Vader toastersthis peach cobbler recipe, and the absolute perfection that is the Great British Baking Show.

In today's food news:

— The U.S. Patent office rejected Whole Foods' bid to brand itself ‘world's healthiest grocery store.'

— San Francisco is now home to a baguette vending machine, which is both awesome and proof that San Francisco is intent upon becoming a caricature of itself.

— America, meet your new bacon critic, Scott Gold.

— Stranger Things' Eggo waffle-obsessed Eleven (played by LA native Millie Bobby Brown) on the show's behind-the-scenes food secrets, including the fact that on set the only things Winona Ryder eats are veggie burgers; that time Brown had to stuff her face with cold french fries; and why Brown would steal really good ham from the grocery store, if she had to.

— Finally, Christina Applegate is stoked that Disneyland serves booze now: