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Darth Vader Toaster Takes Your Bread to the Dark Side

A highly unnecessary addition to your kitchen appliance lineup

Hammacher Schlemmer

Since The Force Awakens hit theaters late last year, the market has been flooded with Star Wars-themed food products at varying levels of ridiculousness (Chewbacca coffee creamer and Darth Vader foie gras, anyone?).

Superfans who want to kick every day off on a nerdy note can also now stock their kitchens with an officially licensed Darth Vader toaster. Modeled after the iconic villain's sinister helmet, it foregoes evenly-browned toast in favor of emblazoning a charred Star Wars logo into every slice of bread.

Sadly, the appliance is currently only available for pre-order and isn't slated to arrive until late October — but in the meantime, there's also a Death Star waffle maker to ensure breakfasts have just the right amount of Force.

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