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Quiz: Do You Eat Like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

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Find out if your taste buds match your politics

Trump photo, Joe Mahoney/Getty Images; Clinton photo, Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Throughout the 2016 election, Eater's column Politics Plated will investigate the surprisingly interconnected relationship between politics and the food industry. In this installment, you can compare your taste in food to both presidential nominees.

The Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns' respective attitudes toward food are as conflicting as their political views. Last week, we examined a year's worth of campaign spending data from the Federal Election Commission to find out where each candidate and their campaign staffs have eaten, and how much they've spent on food. Now, we've used that data to build taste profiles for Clinton and Trump, and this quiz can match your taste in food with one of the candidates and their campaign team.

How do your taste buds compare? Are your dining habits similar to Clinton or Trump? Maybe your favorite candidate's political stances are more palatable than their food choices — or vice versa. Take the quiz and find out:

Vince Dixon is Eater's data visualization reporter. Results photos: Trump, realdonaldtrump/Instagram; Clinton, Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

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