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Everything Is 3D Printed at London's Next Pop-Up Restaurant

From the food to the furniture


London has played host to a procession of increasingly strange pop-up restaurant concepts in recent years, from an owl cafe and a Breaking Bad-themed RV bar to its recent naked restaurant. For its next pop-up concept, everything from the food to the furniture will be made via 3D printer.

Food Ink is branding itself as the world's first 3D-printing restaurant (though the folks behind another 3D-printing pop-up that hit London last year may have something to say about that). According to Arch Daily, "The restaurant utilizes 3D printers produced by Dutch company byFlow to create dishes out of hummus, chocolate mousse, smashed peas, goat cheese or pizza dough – essentially anything that can take the form of a paste. The paste can then be fed through the extruder to create culinary sculptures." (Thankfully, all those pastes are also paired with real, whole foods.)

Food Ink made a stop in the Netherlands in April, and diners in London will have a chance to eat 3D-printed food while sitting on a 3D-printed chair from July 25 through 27.

Watch the Food Ink dining experience in action, below: