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Wolfgang Puck's First NYC Restaurant Lands in September

Fancy steakhouse Cut is headed to the Four Seasons

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is undoubtedly one of the most successful chef moguls in history: He's got dozens of restaurants, numerous cookbooks, and a cookware line, not to mention his own brands of canned soup and coffeemakers. One nut the Austrian-born chef has yet to crack, however? The famously tough New York restaurant scene.

In September, however, Puck intends to change that: That's when he'll open the sixth location of high-end steakhouse Cut at the Four Seasons in downtown Manhattan. (The other Cut locations are in Beverly Hills, Vegas, Singapore, London, and Bahrain; sadly, a Dubai outpost was destroyed in a fire back in January.) It will mark Puck's first and only New York restaurant venture, aside from a quick grab-and-go counter at JFK airport.

And if Puck is nervous about how New Yorkers will receive him, he certainly isn't showing it: He proclaims LA the "hardest market," telling Bloomberg, "People have huge houses with big kitchens, they have private chefs, they don’t have to go out: They entertain at home." New Yorkers, on the other hand, don't tend to have much room for cooking in their tiny apartments, so they're more apt to dine out frequently.

If all goes well, Puck may even have something else up his sleeve for New York: another location of Spago, the trailblazing LA-born concept that launched his restaurant empire in the early 1980s and now has five locations worldwide.

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