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How to Make the Perfect Buns for Sliders

They may be small but they are mighty

You've procured the perfect beef blend from your local butcher, picked up a basketful of fresh produce for toppings from the farmers market, and assembled the ideal array of condiments: You are ready to grill burgers. But no matter how flawless the accoutrement, a burger is only as good as its bun. That's where ChefSteps comes in, the food and technology company based in Seattle that's dedicated to helping home cooks reach their full potential.

This recipe leans into the "kitchen-project" side of things, but the light, fluffy buns it yields are worth every minute of proofing and rising. While the buns are perfectly sized for small slider burgers, they could easily be repurposed as soft and airy dinner rolls once grilling season officially ends. Watch the video above for a visual how-to, and click here for the full recipe from ChefSteps.

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