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Hot Dogs as Detox Food? Sure, Why Not

The foot-long hot dog has never been healthier


A cursory Google search for "detox foods" presents a laundry list of items promising to "cleanse" the body in various ways — among them green tea, cabbage, beets, ginger, and of course, America's current culinary BFF, kale. Notably absent from this list: hot dogs.

Understandably, these tube meats of questionable origins are not usually touted for their health benefits. Ikea would like to change that, however: The Japanese branch of the Swedish home furnishings mega-mart is now serving a "Ninja Dog" said to have "detox properties."

Those supposed superpowers emanate from the inclusion of charcoal, which colors both the sausage and the bun a perturbing shade of pitch black. (In addition to fueling that Brita water filter in your fridge, some wellness gurus purport that eating charcoal also has a cleansing effect on the body.)

Just look at it. At a full 30 centimeters (nearly a foot) long, is this the epitome of health food or what?

Еще одни затейники в еде - японцы. Японская IKEA в честь своего десятилетия ввела в меню "ниндзя-дог" (Ninja Dog) на 100% в черных тонах. И в булочку и в сосиску длиной 30 см они добавляют бамбуковый уголь, пригодный для употребления в пищу. А что? Тоже вариант. Так фастфуд становится чуточку полезнее :) Продается такая прелесть с горчицей, кетчупом и халапеньо за примерно 4$. by champi39 #кактутесть #kaktutest #omnomnom #vscominsk #vsco #vscocam #vscobelarus #instaminsk #minskgram #minskinstagram #minsk #belarus #instaby #instafood #foodporn #vscofood #food #ninjadog #ikeajapan

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