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Chef Brags About Feeding Meat to Unwitting Vegans, Gets Fired

Perhaps he shouldn't have boasted about it on Instagram

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Littleover Lodge Hotel/Facebook

A chef in the UK has stirred up controversy after bragging that he'd secretly been feeding animal products to vegan diners. The Telegraph reports that Adam Lambert, the head chef at Littleover Lodge Hotel in Derby, UK, has been fired from his post after writing on Instagram that one of his favorite pastimes was "feeding vegans animal products and them not knowing."

The chef subsequently claimed that his social media comments were untrue and he was simply trying to rile up a vegan he was arguing with, but the damage had been done; as word spread of the chef's supposed misdeeds, the hotel's Facebook page was quickly flooded with dozens of one-star reviews:

Per the Telegraph, the hotel initially defended its employee, proclaiming that the comments were made "in a heated moment" and had no truth to them; Lambert was suspended, however, and when the social media backlash persisted, his employment contract was terminated.

The barrage of one-star reviews have now been mostly replaced by five-star reviews, with Facebook users applauding the hotel for taking action. "Thank you Littleover Lodge for dealing with your dodgy, vegan-hating chef so quickly and professionally ... If I'm ever in the area I won't hesitate to pop in and eat at your establishment!" one writes.

Meanwhile, the hotel says it's planning to add more vegan items to its menu in the near future, which seems like a pretty solid business move.