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Andrew Zimmern Believes Kansas City Barbecue Is 'Barbecue As Art'

Watch him wax poetic

"Every piece of meat is different," Travel Channel host Andrew Zimmern says, in the network's latest clip. "It's art. Yes, there's a science behind it. But this is art." Zimmern professes this, as if it's his sacred mantra, and as he tastes the Redneck Barbecue duo's barbecue chicken at a Kansas City amateur-league competition, you get the sense that the contestants feel the same way. Barbecue chicken is the litmus test of barbecue, according to Zimmern who thinks it's the hardest dish to master. But the meat supposedly melts off the bone in six seconds flat — an achievement, given Redneck Barbecue has only been in the game for the past two years.

Watch to see the pair behind Redneck Barbecue talk about their brief history and process, and Zimmern talk superlatives about the beauty of a chicken thigh. It's a short video that will tempt your palate, both for more Zimmern (to come this August) and some so-good-it's-art chicken.