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Colts Player’s Custom Taco Bell Birthday Cake Is a Glorious Mess

It's made of tacos, burritos, and more

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A mouthful of a masterpiece.
A mouthful of a masterpiece.
Taco Bell/Official

At least one professional football player has a bit of a birthday tradition with Taco Bell. Matt Overton, a long snapper for the Indianapolis Colts, celebrated his 29th birthday in 2014 with a Taco Bell cake, and the practice has continued ever since, the Indianapolis Star reports.

While the Taco Bell "cakes" are more piles of food than anything else, Overton developed a sense of craftsmanship for the creations. To celebrate year 29, he stacked up crunch wraps, gorditas, and Cinnabon delights into a towering spectacle, and for year 30, he added a Mexican pizza into the equation.

This year, Taco Bell returned the love with a special note:

Overton was overjoyed, to say the least, and crafted a heartfelt message in return, which was posted on his Facebook page: "Guys Taco Bell gets me. We go way back since 1998 when I'd roller blade across my hometown of Tracy, CA to crush a Mt. Dew, double decker supremes & play the coin game. Our relationship is built off of trust, love & loyalty. Thank you TB for making my birthday awesome yet again! Here's to many more 2am drive thru memories!" Naturally, that message included both a taco and a bell emoji.