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The Best Ice Cream Near You; Nine Extreme Dining Experiences

Five things to know right now

It's a hot one out there in most of the country, with temperatures reaching over 90F coast to coast. Take a break to cool down with some ice cream. Here are our favorite ice cream shops in 21 Eater cities.

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— Remember when we guessed Starbucks might introduce a drink inspired by the Italian dessert known as an affogato al caffe? Well what do you know.

— Last night on Masterchef one contestant almost accidentally burned off Gordon Ramsay's eyebrows while flambéing a dish. It may be the first time Ramsay looked genuinely scared for his well-being on national television.

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— Chef Roy Choi (Kogi, Locol) raised some understandable concern with a recent review of his Locol concept in the SFWeekly, but not for the reason you might think. Peter Lawrence Kane didn't like the sound levels:

I'm giving myself angina just articulating this quibble, but LocoL is too loud. I've written that before about other places — Belga, Parlour, Suppenküche — but hearing my pasty ass kvetch about the volume level at a restaurant staffed by teenagers of color makes me feel hopelessly aged, even when the music they're blasting is '90s R&B that hit the charts before they were born.

It was use of the phrase "teenagers of color" that gave Choi pause:

— Finally, how to smoke ribs on a backyard grill:

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