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John Phillips/Getty Images

The busy streets of London will soon be populated with meal-delivering robots. Food delivery service JustEat plans to begin using autonomous robots to deliver restaurant meals this year, the BBC reports.

Developed by a company called Starship Technologies, JustEat says the bots have already been tested in a number of other cities and have "driven 5,000 miles without any accidents."

To protect customers' food from hungry onlookers, the robots are equipped with cameras, and an access code must be entered to open the compartment storing the food.

Halfway across the world in New Zealand, Domino's Pizza is also preparing to launch robot delivery: The company, ever determined to be on the forefront of pizza tech, has developed robots capable of delivering pizzas to customers' front doors. The bots use Google Maps GPS technology and have heated compartments that can keep up to 10 pizzas warm.

Meanwhile, drones are taking to the skies to unite people with food and drink: In Singapore, food delivery service Foodpanda is testing drones to drastically reduce delivery times, and intends to eventually expand the program to all of its 24 markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand.