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Watch: A $400 Sushi Experience That's Worth It

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A 17-course meal prepared by a sushi master

In New York City, an upscale sushi dinner — multi-course omakase in a serious setting — can run up a very serious tab to match. In this episode of Consumed, host and sushi aficionado Kat Odell visits Sushi Ginza Onodera to try its most expensive dining option, prepared by acclaimed sushi chef Masaki Saito, whose sense of humor and interaction with guests make for a comfortable, laid back experience.

Sushi Ginza Onodera serves only 32 seats per night, and offers each guest a choice between three levels of omakase. The premium offering, called Kiwami (which means "pinnacle" or "acme" in Japanese), is comprised of seven appetizers (like soy, mirin, and sake marinated octopus) and 12 pieces of nigiri (like akame tuna and golden eye snapper), plus miso soup and dessert. Watch the video above for an inside look into the meal, from start to surprising finish.

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