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Watch: Mix Up Cocktails with a Little Marijuana at LA’s Gracias Madre

Sorry, these drinks won’t get you high

This week on Consumed, host Kat Odell visits Los Angeles’ Gracias Madre, the 100 percent vegan organic Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood with a bit of a trail-blazing cocktail program. Developed by beverage directer Jason Eisner, the new drink menu at Gracias Madre boasts a number of cocktails made with CBD, or cannabidiol — one of the many active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Eisner works with CBD in the form of an oil-based tincture, adding it by the drop to drinks like the Stoney Negroni or Rolled Fashioned. The ingredient has a slightly calming effect when consumed, as well as a distinct herbal flavor, but won’t get the drinker high the way food or drink made with THC oil, a different form of cannabis extract, might.

Watch the video above for a taste test from Odell, as well as a look into how Eisner composes his newest drinks — from balancing CBD with complementary spirits, to creatively garnishing the finished cocktails.

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