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Chipotle's New Viral Ad; Starbucks Adds Fancy Pop Tarts

Five things to chew on


Oh, Chipotle. Once the apple of America's sustainably-minded, eco-friendly eye, the burrito chain is still trying to dig itself out of a premature, E. coli-induced grave. Its latest ploy? A Disney/Pixar-quality short film about a life-long love story. If you don't know it's a Chipotle ad when you start watching, you won't know until the very last shot, which feels a little manipulative. But the story is so sweet, well-produced, and charming (it's in the vein of Disney's 2012 short Paperman) that you might be able to forgive Chipotle for not including a scene in which one of the lovers gets food poisoning and spends the day in the bathroom. Here it is, heart-warming charm and all:

In other food news:

— Starbucks newest menu item is not a beverage: Megpies, an NYC-based bakery that produces artisanal pop tarts just scored the deal of a lifetime. Starbucks will introduce two of Megpies' flavors in the NYC area this month and then will roll out strawberry and brown sugar pop tarts nationwide later this summer, per a release.

— Food delivery upstart DoorDash is now delivering booze. For now, the service is only available in Southern California, but the company has plans to expand.

— Celebrity chefs, they're just like us:

— Kim Kardashian West's go-to fast food orders:

"McDonald's: When I go to McDonald's, I ALWAYS have to get an order of small fries. Then I usually order chicken nuggets and dip them in honey; or I'll get a cheeseburger and chicken nuggets and eat half of each!
KFC: I order the extra-crispy chicken wings and a biscuit with honey!
In-N-Out: This is honestly one of my favorite meals ever: I always get just the plain cheeseburger, cheese fries and a vanilla shake. So good!!!"

— Finally, Anthony Bourdain on the sale and impending closure of of San Francisco's legendary Mr. Bing's:

"Just another day in the death spiral ... Another good and noble thing, in this case, a fine drinking establishment, ground under the slow, inevitable, pitiless forward motion of the Terrible Wheel. It will consume us all in the end."

Anthony Bourdain Really Loves In-N-Out Burger