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Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Presents Taco Bell's New USB-Enabled Burrito

Seems legit

Of all the multinational fast food chains, Taco Bell arguably reigns supreme when it comes to ridiculously over-the-top novelty foods (see: Doritos Locos tacos, fried chicken shell chalupas, waffle tacos, et al). But a USB burrito? Why, that's just absurd.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's vision for a new Taco Bell menu item may look somewhat treacherous, but considering its Yum Brands sibling KFC just debuted a meal box that can charge your smartphone — available only in India, sadly — it's actually not all that far-fetched. Equipped with "beans, cheese, ground beef, and a complex system of multicolored electrical wires," this one will definitely need a heavy dose of Fire Sauce to be edible (but then again, doesn't everything from Taco Bell?).

Coming soon, probably: a super-cheesy double-decker gordita USB-rito crunch. All the better to chronicle your consumption of heinous fast food novelties via Snapchat, obviously.