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Too many Colonels in the kitchen
Too many Colonels in the kitchen
DC Comics

Here's something to add to your summer reading list (or not): DC Comics just released a new comic book in conjunction with KFC.

As the Verge explains, the story pits the fast food icon against the evil Colonel Sunder from Earth-3; to defeat him and ensure the Multiverse will have fried chicken for years to come, Colonel Sanders teams up with various iterations of himself including Bizarro Colonel and Steampunk Colonel. (Based on the cover, there also appears to be a female Colonel, a Colonel who is actually a chicken, and a Hulk-esque version.)

Weirdly enough, this is not the first comic starring the Southern-fried mascot: issue #1, The Colonel of Two Worlds, was released last year. Since being resurrected by KFC last year as part of a $185 million brand revitalization, Sanders has played a series of increasingly strange roles that have seen him starring in an online video game and becoming the voice of GPS navigation; the latest one features actor George Hamilton playing an extra-tanned, poolside version known as the Extra Crispy Colonel.

Will Colonel Sanders issue #1 someday be as valuable as, say, Amazing Spider-man #1? Probably not, but nonetheless die-hard collectors may want to protect their copies from greasy chicken fingerprints.