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Watch: Can Gordon Ramsay Reform a Vegetarian With Filet Mignon?

Just how irresistible is a juicy steak?

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has a new mission, and it isn't related to screaming at terrified participants in culinary competitions. In this video, Ramsay travels to the London Zoo to meet Hanna, a zookeeper and animal nutritionist. As a vegetarian with gluten and dairy intolerances, Hannah's limited diet has lowered her quality of living. Ramsay believes a good dose of animal protein is just what the doctor ordered.

The chef aims to boost Hannah's diet with a dinner of filet mignon and cole slaw. For the slaw, Ramsay shreds cabbage, carrots, and celeriac, and he dresses it with olive oil, poppyseed oil, and mustard. For the steaks, Ramsay hopes to temper some of the beefy shock with a tarragon dressing. And, he's careful to use organic, humanely raised meat. "When I did eat meat, I would try to eat organic," Hannah says. "I don't like the way animals are mass-produced."

Is Ramsay's steak dinner good enough to convert a vegetarian who works with animals every day? Watch the video to find out.