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Watch: Stephen Colbert and 2 Chainz Munch on Gold-Dusted Popcorn

It's $5 a kernel

2 Chainz is a Grammy-winning rapper who has branched out into the field of web series as host of Most Expensivest Shit. In the show, Mr. Chainz is presented with exorbitantly expensive versions of everyday items and assesses whether they're worth the upcharge. The rapper recently appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and he shared a treat: gold-dusted caramel popcorn.

In this video, 2 Chainz explains why the $5-a-kernel snack is so expensive: In addition to the gold dust, it's seasoned with some sort of exotic salt from "way over there." Upon hearing the price, Colbert immediately begins shoveling it in by the fistful. What does caramel corn that's so expensive taste like? "It tastes like caramel corn," the host says.

2 Chainz admits the corn is pretty good. He is already a published cookbook author, so if he decides to write a follow-up, perhaps a recipe for golden popcorn will be included.