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Pot Flour, the Perfect Ingredient for Stoned Bakers

Edibles may never be the same

As recreational marijuana use gains legal status in certain parts of the United States, pot-smoking food-industry types are finding increasingly impressive ways to implement weed into their cooking. There's marijuana-infused Nutella, vodka, coffee, and so much more. And while pot butter has been a staple of the groovy baking world, someone has come up with a new ingredient that could change the edibles game: pot flour.

The Cannabist reports Colorado-based chef Michael Reubens is responsible for the new ingredient. Reubens was looking for a way to whip up edibles without the use of pot butter, which stinks to high heaven, apparently. "It really smells," he told The Cannabist. "Even though it's legal; when I'm baking at home, I don't need the whole neighborhood and the next neighborhood over to know what I'm up to."

In the above video, Reubens explains the simple process that transforms marijuana into pot four: "I have two dedicated $20 coffee grinders, and I grind the shit out of it till it ends up the particle size of regular flour." Watch and learn how the product could be the next big thing for food that will get you high.