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Watch: A Competitive Eater Explains What It's Like to Pound Dozens of Hot Dogs

He argues that yes, it's "a real sport"

Yesterday Nathan's Famous held its annual hot dog eating contest in Coney Island, and competitive eater Joey Chestnut crushed the record by devouring 70 dogs in 10 minutes — a feat that frankly seems superhuman (not to mention stomach-churning).

How is it even possible for mere mortals to consume these mass quantities of food in such a short time period? As competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti explains in this video from Great Big Story, it's all about muscle memory — and unsurprisingly, it's incredibly grueling on the human body.

Conti, who is rated in the top 20 competitive eaters worldwide, said he personally begins hitting "the wall" after devouring 15 or so dogs, and that it takes a solid 24 hours following the contest for him to feel human again. (For those disgusted by the idea of eating dozens of hot dogs, there's always the upcoming kale-eating contest at a Buffalo, New York fair.)