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Angry Basketball Fans Lash Out at Kevin Durant's Restaurant via Yelp

"Much like his game it was overpriced and flashy," one reviewer wrote

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Facebook feeds across America were inundated with screeds from angry basketball fans over the long weekend. On Monday, Oklahoma Thunder star (and 2014 NBA MVP) Kevin Durant announced he would take advantage of his free agent status and join the Golden State Warriors, and a lot of people are very, very mad.

So mad, in fact, that they're taking out their frustrations on Durant's Oklahoma City restaurant. The SF Gate reports the Facebook page for KD's — which serves catfish tenders, steaks, and shrimp and grits, amongst other homey fare — was quickly inundated with pissed-off comments that had nothing to do with the food.

All of said comments have seemingly now been deleted, but the restaurant's Yelp page is also feeling the sting: A review posted yesterday reads, "Eating at KD's this morning made me feel cheated on and discarded. I could barley [sic] stomach the meal, because everything about it reminded me of what could of been. Oh well."

Here are a few other gems, which — considering Yelp's policy of removing such reviews— will surely be deleted soon:

Kevin Durant Yelp

Kevin Durant Yelp 2

Kevin Durant Yelp 3

Kevin Durant Yelp 4

Durant's restaurant will presumably see a major dropoff in business following his Oklahoma departure; perhaps he can join forces with new teammate Steph "Chef" Curry for a new Bay Area venture instead? (Curry's wife Ayesha has recently proved herself quite the culinary force, launching a meal delivery kit, hosting a pop-up restaurant with Michael Mina, and filming a new Food Network show.)

And whatever vitriol Thunder fans throw at Durant, it's still probably not as bad as the merciless roasting Curry faced in light of his hideous new sneakers.

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