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Terror Attack on Cafe in Bangladesh Killed 28 People on Friday

The restaurant was known as a popular spot for foreigners

Holey Cafe, shown in February 2015
Holey Cafe, shown in February 2015
Holey Artisan Cafe/Google Maps

As America celebrated a long holiday weekend, a terror attack on a bakery and cafe in Bangladesh killed 22 people. According to the BBC, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for Friday night's attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka; 20 of the dead were foreign hostages, and the other two were police officers.

Paramilitary forces raided the restaurant early Saturday morning after 10 hours of attempted negotiations, rescuing 13 hostages; six suspects were killed, while one was taken into custody. Per a Bloomberg report, several of the restaurant's staff members — including chefs from Argentina and Italy — were able to escape during the initial attack.

The NY Daily News reports the gunmen focused on non-Muslim foreigners, and "spared those who could recite passages from the Koran," even providing them with meals.

According to the BBC, the victims included nine Italians, seven Japanese, four Bangladeshis, one Indian, and one U.S. citizen; three were enrolled in American colleges, with two from Emory University and one from UC Berkeley.

The restaurant posted this message to Facebook following the attacks:

"We will not let Holey be defined by terror but by the love and passion of its beginning. We will return," ownership wrote in a followup post.

Last November's terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 people also targeted restaurants, every one of which has since reopened.