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Stop by LA's Belizean Fish Market for Oxtail Stew and Dance Lessons

LA, baby

For the fifth season of Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson heads back to the city that kicked off the series in the first place: Los Angeles! For this season’s inaugural episode, Peterson checks out the Belizean Fish Market in South LA.

Belizean cuisine is a big amalgamation of all the different respective ethnic cuisines of Belize — there’s the Latin American influence (tamales and panades — the Belizean equivalent of the empanada), the Mestizo influence (garnaches, fried corn tortillas smothered in beans, onions, and cheese) and the Kriol influence (aka Belizean Creole, which is to thank for dishes like the "boil up" — a combination of boiled eggs, root vegetables, fish, pig tail, and boiled cake, made from pressed cassava root). Peterson enjoys these traditional food items, meets some locals and regulars, and gets a dance lesson from a bona fide backup dancer to the stars.

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