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Taste Iconic Dishes Across the Eater Universe

From Minneapolis's cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy to Philadelphia's emblematic cannoli

Bananas Foster from Brennan's in New Orleans
Bananas Foster from Brennan's in New Orleans
Josh Brasted for Eater NOLA

In this topsy-turvy world of marshmallow burgerscat wine, and poop-themed cafes, there is perhaps no greater comfort than a truly iconic dish. This post it devoted to these single food items — meals, snacks, and desserts that have gained best-in-class status due to their seniority and the absolute excellence they exhibit in their genre. Below, maps of iconic dishes in 21 cities will guide you to time-honored deliciousness across the Eater Universe.

Take Austin's Bob Armstrong Dip: queso's highest form, garnished with crumbled taco meat and guacamole. Or entrench yourself in one of the country's most legendary seafood smokehouses, perched at the city limit of Chicago. If you're in Detroit, Buddy's classic square pizza pie beckons with caramelized cheese edges and thick, spongy crust. And no iconic dish list would be complete without rum- and cream-soaked bananas Foster — the original version ignites the dining room nightly at Brennan's in New Orleans. Now, learn even more about the most iconic things to eat in the following cities.

Famous queso from Matt's El Rancho, Austin, TX. [Photo: Robert J. Lerma]