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Watch: How to Make Perfect Bacon Every Time

You’ll have to wait all night

ChefSteps — the Seattle-based food and technology company, kitchen tricks ninjas, and sous vide fanatics — put their favorite meat preparation to the test again, this time with pre-packaged bacon.

Bacon from your local grocery store is ready to be sous vide'd right from the refrigerated section because it's already vacuum sealed in plastic. Plopping it in the night before you want to eat it means it will cook slowly and perfectly while you sleep, and only require a quick outside sear in the morning. ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly recommends pan-searing on one side to get a crispy, crunchy edge, but to leave the other side (already fully cooked via sous vide) more chewy, achieving the ideal, elusive bacon balance. For an extra crispy variety, sear both sides.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to, plus follow along with the recipe here.

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