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Rihanna Is the Queen of Taking Wine Glasses to Go

She must have quite the collection at home


Beyoncé may be the queen of pop, but Rihanna is without a doubt the reigning princess. She now equals Madonna in chart-topping songs, her line of shoes for Puma is constantly sold out, she pairs Princess Diana t-shirts with Manolos, and then there's her enviable relationship with the internet's boyfriend Drake. Regardless of how you may feel about her music, RiRi has an undeniably appealing IDGAF sensibility.

MTV's social media coordinator Josh Edwards took to Twitter earlier this week with the latest evidence of this: Rihanna has a well-documented habit of leaving restaurants and nightclubs clutching wine glasses. While regular folk would be admonished for attempting to leave such establishments with booze still in hand, celebrities — particularly ones of RiRi's stature — are free to do as they please.

Who else among us could strut down the sidewalk clad in silky pajamas and sipping pinot noir?

Matching your merlot to your lipstick is a particularly boss way to avoid that pesky red wine-stained mouth.

A more casual ensemble calls for Chardonnay.

When you can't decide between going out or staying in, do both by wearing a blanket and sipping wine like nobody's watching.

Just how many cabinets full of pilfered wine glasses does Rihanna have at home?

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