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Is Katy Perry the Next Paula Deen?; Andy Warhol's Cookbook

Six things to know today

Mike Windle and Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Happy Friday. Last night Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept a major party's nomination for President, so take the weekend to let that sink in. Meanwhile, what would a State dinner look like under a Trump White House? A lavish black-tie affair complete with a string orchestra, caviar, and (well-done) steak, probably. Or maybe just McDonald's hamburgers served on fancy china.

In more food news today: the next Paula Deen is maybe not who you'd expect; a look inside Andy Warhol's vintage cookbook; and the highly bureaucratic process of redesigning nutrition labels.

— Pop star Katy Perry says in 30 years, she'll look just like Paula Deen. It's not quite clear how either party feels about this.

— Shake Shack's opening day in Seoul drew a crowd of over 1,000 fans.

— Italian megamarket Eataly is preparing to open its newest location in downtown Manhattan, and this one's got something the others don't: bread from all over the world. Starting this fall, it will host bakeries from across the globe — think Japan, Brazil, and Turkey — for month-long residencies.

— Peek inside Andy Warhol's charming and hilarious cookbook, published with socialite Suzie Frankfurt in 1959. Called Wild Raspberries, the book pokes fun at the snotty, serious French cookery that dominated the era's fine dining.

— The FDA recently unveiled new nutrition labels (thanks in no small part to the efforts of one Michelle Obama). Calories will be printed in a significantly larger font and added sugar content will be disclosed for the first time ever, but overall the labels aren't that different from the current ones. Nonetheless, the label redesign took three years; Fast Company examines why.

— Finally, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony: