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Noma’s Casual Spin-Off Opens This Week in Copenhagen

108 is the work of Noma alum Kristian Baumann

Freya McOmish

For those who dream of sitting down for a meal at chef René Redzepi’s globally acclaimed restaurant Noma in Copenhagen but may balk and the price tag, there is finally an answer: Noma’s casual little sibling 108 opens this week. It's led by chef Kristian Baumann, who is a co-owner of the restaurant along with Redzepi.

Plans for 108 were first announced back in December. At the time, Baumann touted the idea of giving diners something much more approachable. "Our restaurant will be a place for families to come together for a quick dinner on a Monday night, or for friends to sit down on a Friday evening for a longer meal, and really explore what we have to offer," she said. "We want to add value to the existing traditions of an already brilliant dining scene — and hope to influence the Copenhagen kitchen."

Even for Redzepi and his team, the rising trend of laid-back, unpretentious restaurants is inescapable.

Freya McOmish

The restaurant will aim for a casual feel and reasonable prices that range from 75 to 180 DKK (about $11 to $26) for items such as cured mackerel, lamb breast, and braised oxtail. There are also family-style dishes that range from 400 to 900 DKK ($59 to $134).

Situatedin Copenhagen’s Christianshavn district, around the corner from Noma, 108 shows off the stylistic touches of its chef.

Freya McOmish

"It’s the first time I’ve gotten to open my own place, and I’ve been very hands-on with every decision: picking the plates, the menu folders, the way the dining room and kitchen are laid out," Baumann told Lucky Peach.

At 108, Baumann will feature everything from berries and mushrooms to pumpkin seeds and squid guts that have been preserved or fermented. There will be a section of the space called "The Corner," which will serve coffee and pastries in the morning and wine after midday.

Freya McOmish

The food will be innovative like Noma’s, but 108 will have its own identity. Noma itself will make some changes at the end of 2016, including relocating and embracing the seasonality of the region.