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Watch: The $700 Machine Trying to Disrupt Cold-Pressed Juice

All you need is a wifi connection and a $7 pouch

Though the practice has become increasingly popular, juicing can be a costly and time-consuming habit. Both making one's own juices and buying prepared varieties comes with a set of challenges: home juicers are traditionally unwieldy in size and shape, expensive, and incredibly difficult to clean, while purchasing pre-packaged juices can run up a serious bill as well, with the added environmental cost of each plastic bottle.

Enter Juicero, a new product from the mind of former Organic Avenue CEO Doug Evans positioned to revolutionize juicing by combing the at-home and pre-packaged aspects. While the product was met with a bit of suspicion when it was first announced — for being a significant investment (the machine itself will set you back $700, and each juice packet is $5 to $7) and wasteful (it is sometimes billed as a Keurig for juicing) — Consumed decided to give the sleek, wifi-enabled machine a fair trial.

Watch the video above for Eater Drinks editor and host Kat Odell's trial run and taste-test of the Juicero product and its signature green cold-pressed juice

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