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Check Out Matt Welch Behind the Bar at Atlanta’s Amer

The bartender is one of the best in the city

To keep the celebration going for Eater Young Guns, Eater's running photo essays of the 2016 winners all season. Up next: Matt Welch, head bartender of Atlanta's Amer.

Atlanta is a cocktail city, and at Inman Park bar Amer, bartender Matt Welch — newly minted as the managing operator — puts out some of the best drinks in town. He’s worked in some of Atlanta’s top bar programs, and his talent coupled with his engineering degree means he’s seeks to improve not just his customers’ experience but also the industry as a whole. It’s because of this that he’s a 2016 Eater Young Guns winner. From his recent profile:

Developing forward-thinking recipes and not being a jerk about it is fine and good, but Welch has the talent and background to innovate beyond the beverage menu. When he thinks about getting back into engineering, it’s not with some grand idea to create a more efficient water heater: Welch sees his life’s two paths merge to bring modern efficiency to the hospitality industry. Point-of-sale systems are necessary everywhere, but they leave a lot to be desired. "They all suck," he groans. "It just seems like they’re not made by people who actually work in restaurants."

Here, now, watch Welch at work at Amer.

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