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London's Naked Pop-Up Restaurant Is Moving to Paris

The pop-up's popularity continues to skyrocket

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The London pop-up restaurant that allows dinner dates to share their meals in the buff is heading to the most romantic city in the world. Founder Seb Lyall will close The Bunyadi, as it's called, at the end of service on July 31, reports Country & Town House. Lyall plans to reopen in Paris this fall.

"I was told that since the recession there are some empty spaces in Paris, and we'd love to go over there to open," Lyall told Country & Town House. "People came over from Paris, people in the industry, and said, 'We'd love you to open over here. Here are some options.'"

Lyall reportedly hopes to open his Parisian eatery in September or October, and he's planning to change up the food and beverage menus. But, the most important aspect of the concept will remain: Anyone is welcome to chow down stark naked, should they so choose.

The Bunyadi first opened in London in May. It's received positive reviews from not-so-modest diners, and the waiting list quickly ballooned to nearly 50,000. Though, as one might imagine, the food coming out of the kitchen may seem like an afterthought to diners who are more interested in what they're eating than what they're seeing.

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