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Watch and Listen: Mango-Tilapia Ceviche Sounds as Good as It Looks

So good, words aren't needed to describe it

The voiceless, faceless chef behind the "Silently Cooking" YouTube channel is back in the kitchen. Having already conquered recipes for banh mi, falafel, burgers, and more, all without droning on and on about the cooking process, the next dish doesn't involve much "cooking" at all. In this video, ceviche is on the menu.

Our silent chef is producing a mango-tilapia variety of the dish. In addition to the main attractions, the ceviche contains red onion, avocado, Serrano pepper, garlic, ground cumin, chili powder, grapefruit juice, lime juice, olive oil, and cilantro. Aside from all of the chopping, slicing, and dicing, it's a fairly simple dish to make. Throw everything into a bowl, mix it up, let it chill in the fridge for a half-hour, and you're done. In the video's description, the silent chef recommends scooping the ceviche with corn chips or serving it with rice. Either way, it's a cool, refreshing meal for a hot summer day.

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