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According to This Shirt Donald Trump's Face Looks Like Raw Chicken

It's uncanny

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Beloved Shirts/Official Site

Days after the Republican National Convention culminated in the formal nomination of Donald J. Trump for president, we discover a potential new twist to the Trump image. The divisive candidate known for his orange-tinged tan, small hands, and unique hair style is, from afar, indistinguishable from close-up images of raw chicken.

Which is more appealing, raw chicken or Donald Trump's face?

This isn't the first time someone has contrasted Trump's image with a less appealing, (usually) inanimate object. His hair alone is subject to an endless stream of comparisons, including everything from "an unruly shrub" to "a mutant squirrel." But now that his likeness has been put up next to raw meat for comparison, we are presented with the question: Which is more appealing, raw chicken or Donald Trump's face?

Tiled photos of Donald Trump and raw chicken breasts and thighs have been printed onto sweatshirts — currently priced at $65 — for anyone who wants to wrap themselves in a patchwork of questionable pink and orange hues. Think of it as a conversation piece, in which every look begs the question, "Is that Donald Trump on my arm, or just a filet of raw chicken breast?" It’s a decidedly less pleasant game than spotting the similarities between chihuahuas and blueberry muffins.

On the other hand, a size extra-yuuuge may come in handy when hiding from presidential campaign news in the next few months.