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Scientists Figure Out How to Turn Pee Into Beer

Disgusting or a miracle of modern science?


Beer snobs like to refer to mass-market lagers such as Bud Light and Coors as piss beer, but they may have to find a new derogatory nickname soon — because actual piss beer has arrived.

A team of Belgian scientists have devised a way of turning pee into beer, Reuters reports. Researchers at the University of Ghent successfully transformed urine into water and fertilizer using solar power; the resulting water can then be used to make Belgium's favorite beverage, beer.

As Reuters explains, "The urine is collected in a big tank, heated in a solar-powered boiler before passing through the membrane where the water is recovered and nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are separated." The process has already been utilized at a recent music festival to turn thousands of attendees' pee into 1,000 liters of water destined to become beer.

According to the research team, "The aim is to install larger versions of the machine in sports venues or airports," and they also hope to utilize it in developing nations where safe drinking water can be hard to come by.

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