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Watch a Guy Slam Ketchup Shots at the Democratic National Convention

It's today's moment of zen

Though he leans left, Late Show host Stephen Colbert is even handed about his coverage of political drama regardless of party affiliation. Case in point: Last week, Colbert livestreamed the condiment station at the Republican National Convention and so he pulled the same stunt last night at the Democratic National Convention. The CBS Late Show team set up a Facebook live feed to the side of the station where delegates and conference attendees flocked to smear mayonnaise on their sandwiches and spoon hot peppers on the side.

This time though the stream is only an hour long (compared to the 180-minute stream of ketchup and mustard at the RNC) — but it is "fair and balanced." Highlights include this bit at the 46 minute mark when some guy wanders over to squeeze something onto his forearm and then lick it off, and this guy at the 40 minute mark who decided to slam shots of ketchup for some reason.

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