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Watch: Gordon Ramsay Fishes Conger Eel for a British Bouillabaisse

Ugly, but delicious

Gordon Ramsay wants his fellow Britons to start chowing down on more conger eel. Unfortunately, they're often ignored "because they're so fucking ugly." But in this video, Ramsay goes fishing for some conger and devises a way to make it more appealing.

"Bouillabaisse is one of my favorite French fish dishes, but I want to create a British version using conger to show Dave and his customers that this eel can be even more delicious." Ramsay says in the video.

Instead of a variety of fish and crustaceans, Ramsay aims to make the soup only with conger meat. Other than that, this British replication is pretty close to the French original. The final product appears to be a hit with the shouty chef's dining companions, which gives him all the more reason to beg his compatriots to pay more attention to conger.

"It's so frustrating that we do not eat enough conger eel," Ramsay says. "So please start buying it, because in there, they loved it. It may be ugly, but it's fucking delicious."

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