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Was Fox News Pundit Sean Hannity Heckled Out of a Philadelphia Sandwich Shop?

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Or is this just another liberal conspiracy?

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Sean Hannity is one of the most prominent talking heads in right-wing media, and this week he's in Philadelphia to cover the Democratic National Convention — not exactly a match made in heaven. Hannity's stay in the City of Brotherly Love may have hit a rough patch early Tuesday morning when he was reportedly booed out of a Wawa location while trying to order a sandwich.

That's the kind of warm Philadelphia welcome someone might expect when they're perceived to be on the opposing team. But, Mediaite notes Hannity is denying the incident. He first pushed back in a tweet — "one customer who seemed to be having a really rough night met me and my bodyguards, he shut up very fast" — and then followed that up by calling it a "total lie" with some pretty standard Hannity language.

Multiple calls to the phone number for the store listed on Wawa's website went unanswered Tuesday afternoon, so we may never know the real truth. But, Hannity says he ordered a meatball hoagie. If only he had some sort of manservant to make any necessary food runs, the pundit wouldn't have to deal with such controversies.

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