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Recycled Beer and Coffee Can Now Be Used for 3D Printing

Please print responsibly

3D printing material made from beer

Most 3D printing materials are made from plastic, but one new startup is aiming to change that — recycling beer, coffee, and hemp for use as printing materials. CNN reports 3DomFuel, a maker of 3D print filament based in Fargo, North Dakota, is mixing agricultural waste with plastics to create all-new materials.

Today, the company has successfully created a variety of materials, which they call 3D-Fuel. According to CNN, its first venture was coffee-based filament; co-founder John Schneider says the material is ideal for "printing novelty items like coffee filter holders and sleeves for cups" (though not coffee cups since it’s not high-heat resistant).

Beer and hemp filaments came next and, according to the company, the smell of the natural materials fades away shortly after printing — a plus if you happen to be pulled over while wearing a shirt made from 3D-printed beer.

According to the company’s website, the beer filament — aptly called "Buzzed" — comes with "a rich golden color and a noticeable natural grain," proclaiming, "Now a stein printed with Buzzed is a true ‘beer stein.’"

3D technology has been making its mark on the food industry for some time now, with printers spitting out marzipan boats, pizzas, pancakes, and even (hopefully) better airplane food.

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