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No Matter How Famous You Are, Starbucks Baristas Will Still Misspell Your Name

Call me Caitlyn*

Even Caitlyn Jenner — who notably graced the cover of Vanity Fair last year alongside the headline "Call Me Caitlyn" and who stars in a reality show called I Am Cait — can't get a proper spelling on her Starbucks cup. Yesterday, Jenner was snapped clutching a Starbucks cup bearing the name "Kaitlyn."

Of course, spelling Caitlyn with a "K" is an honest mistake. After all, the names of most of Jenner's most notable family members begin with a "K" — but Jenner purposefully spelled her name with a "C" in an effort to separate herself from the Kardashian clan.

The incident was just the latest in a string of celebrity blunders by baristas: In May, Helen Hunt tweeted that a barista had mistaken her for Jodie Foster (and yet, still misspelled Jodie).

Now that Starbucks baristas are free to have purple hair and wear fedoras, perhaps they can polish up on their cup-writing skills?

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