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Lululemon's New Limited Edition Beer Is Called 'Courageous Blonde'

Yoga and beer, so trendy right now

Dylan K./Untappd

Salute the Sun, Get it Om, and Free to Be could almost pass as craft beer names from a progressive, California-based brewer. They're actually the names of sports bras sold by popular athletic wear brand Lululemon, but the clothing/lifestyle company is expanding its reach into the world of beer. For the second year in a row Lululemon — occasionally the butt of jokes about its spendy Spandex and co-opted Zen Buddhist marketing — is releasing a limited edition beer.

This year it's called Courageous Blonde, and though that might at first sound as though the company wants to reinforce a certain theory about the type of woman that shops at Lululemon, it's actually a legitimate reference to this style of beer. Similar to a German Kölsch, an American-style blonde is indeed blonde in color with "a subdued fruitiness" and "light to medium bitterness" which can be lager-like, according to beer resource Beer Advocate.

Courageous Blonde was brewed by Stanley Park Brewing, a 119-year-old craft brewer based in Vancouver, B.C. The brewery was originally established by a Belgian pioneer brew master named Frank Foubert who brought over many traditional Belgian and German styles but probably never imagined brewing beer for a company that sells yoga pants. Courageous Blonde, described as a "lemon-hopped ale" on the can, has earned mixed reviews from drinkers, who say it tastes "light, hoppy, lemony," but also like "bacterial garbage."

According to PSFK, the limited edition beer was brewed specifically for the annual SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival in Vancouver, which takes place this upcoming August 13. The beer is on sale locally until the event.

This isn't the first time Lululemon has tried to sell beer in addition to svelte yoga wear. Last year Stanley Park Brewing put out 88,000 cans of Lululemon's Curiosity Lager and also introduced a limited run of Sunset Strawberry Wit. If the millions of American Lululemon fans get their way, the company could start selling branded beer in the U.S., too.

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