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Like It or Not, Coffee Nut M&Ms Are Here to Stay

Coming soon to a vending machine near you


Much like Oreo, the makers of M&Ms just can't stop themselves from releasing a never-ending lineup of novelty flavors. Recent limited-edition iterations of the candy have included such questionable flavors as coconut, candy corn (please no), birthday cake, and (the horror) pumpkin spice.

Now, Mars has thoroughly ignored the old "why mess with perfection?" adage and tinkered with the classic peanut M&M, and the American public is to blame. The candy company launched a new flavor campaign a few months back, releasing limited batches of three different flavors: coffee nut, honey nut, and chili nut. Consumers voted for their favorites and now the winner, coffee nut, is being made a more permanent fixture on candy shelves beginning in August.

The coffee nut flavor features "coffee flavored roasted peanuts" and, according to the nutrition label, doesn't seem to contain any notable amount of caffeine, which frankly seems like a wasted opportunity. And while none of the new flavor options were terrible, let's be real: None of these abominations can hold a candle to the queen of all M&M flavors, peanut butter.

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