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Poop-Themed Cafe Serves Desserts That Look Like Crap

Get ready, Toronto


A "toilet-themed dessert bar" is headed to Canada. The aptly named Poop Café Dessert Bar is slated to open in mid-August in Toronto's Koreatown, according to the Toronto Star.

Menu items will include chocolate soft-serve, pudding, and traditional Asian desserts like patbingsoo (shaved ice with red beans and various other toppings). Per the Star, "All of the poo-ticular items available at the café will be brown, formed like a stool and served in toilet-shaped dishes." What a world.

Owner Lien Nguyen says she's "trying to make poop cute," as evidenced by the restaurant's poo-themed murals accompanied with sayings like, "We're so stinkin' cute together."

While there are currently a number of poop-themed restaurants doing business overseas in places such as Taiwan, Moscow, and the Philippines, the concept has been less successful in the U.S.: A Los Angeles expansion of Taiwan's Magic Restroom Cafe shuttered after just eight months in business. Will Canada be more receptive to food that literally looks like crap?

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