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Starbucks Baristas Can Now Have Blue Hair; A Burger Filled With Bourbon

Five things to chew on today

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

Happy Monday. It's the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. In case you're attending, here's where to eat in Philly right now.

In other news:

— Starbucks' employee dress code just got considerably more relaxed: The coffee giant announced today that workers can now wear shirts in colors other black and white, as well as jeans. But more importantly, they're now "invited to make a statement with hair color," and top it off with "beanies, fedoras and other suitable hats." That's right, now your local craft cocktail bar won't be the only place overrun with fedora-clad drink slingers.

— Speaking of Starbucks, its customers have a history of giving out fake names for their coffee cups, from Beyoncé to Trump — and its baristas also have a history of spelling names very, very wrong. Here's what happens when you use Game of Thrones names like Khaleesi and Daenerys to get a Frappuccino.

— Millions of people across the globe start their day with coffee, and the beverage's importance can't be understated even — and perhaps, especially — in times of war. NPR takes a look at the history of coffee on the front lines of American wars.

— Desperate times call for a cheeseburger with a shot of bourbon in the bun.

— Finally, a picture-perfect breakfast: