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Diner Accidentally Tips More Than a Million Dollars

Always double-check your math


A diner in Scotland unexpectedly ate one of the priciest meals in the world last week, and there were no diamonds involved — nor any caviar.

The deep-pocketed anonymous man was eating at Rajpoot Indian Restaurant in Aberdeenshire with a couple of friends, according to the Evening Express; when it came time to pay the bill, he seemingly made a rather serious math error.

Restaurant owner Abdul Wahid told the paper: "When he came to pay I gave him the card machine and he asked to put in the amount himself but it didn’t go through. I then had to phone the bank for him and I answered all of the questions and they then gave me the confirmation code. At this time he still had the card machine so I never saw the amount he had typed in."

While the meal only cost around £100, the man somehow entered a final amount of £1,006,082.04, or approximately $1.3 million. (Perhaps even more amazing than that glaring error is the fact that he had enough money in his bank account for the transaction to be approved.)

It's hard to say whether the restaurateur or the diner was more shocked, but sadly for Wahid this was not a hyper-generous gratuity a la TipsForJesus: The patron quickly phoned his bank to reverse the charge and then paid a more appropriate amount for his meal.

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