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Desperate Times Call for a Cheeseburger With a Shot of Bourbon in the Bun

A complete meal, all in one package

If you believe Donald Trump, everything is terrible and the end is probably near. That being the case, you may as well indulge in a cheeseburger with a shot of bourbon that's right there in the bun. It's called the bourbon burgel, and it's available at Chicken and Sons restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

For $22 (about $16 U.S.), you can get an Angus beef patty, American cheese, pickles, "special sauce," bourbon-glazed bacon, and jalapeno-bourbon barbecue sauce sandwiched between two sesame bagel buns. The whole thing acts as sort of a cupholder for a shot of Bulleit bourbon, which appears to have a couple of slices of bacon in it, because sure, why not.

Creating a beverage holder out of a food item is a fine example of practical industrial design. Although, it might not be as impressive as a pizza box that doubles as an actual pizza. That must be food efficiency at its peak.

• [H/T: The Spirits Business]

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