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How to Make Outdoor Smoker-Style Ribs Inside

Smoky meat from the comfort of your kitchen

Last week our friends at ChefSteps — and their special guest, cookbook author and general meat master Meathead Goldwyn of — taught a lesson in smoking perfect ribs outdoors, from maximizing rub effectiveness to striking the perfect balance between crispy exterior and tender interior. This week, the and ChefSteps teams link up again to try to recreate their results inside, without a smoker, grill, or open fire.

To mimic the ideal finish of smoked-outdoor ribs inside the home, ChefSteps and Goldwyn aim to hit three main markers of success: a jerky-like, crispy, "pig candy" layer of bark, a "smoke-ring" of pinky color, and a tender interior. With the use of an updated rub, liquid smoke, prague powder #1 (or pink curing salt), and a sous vide tool, the crew recreates true smoked rib flavor and texture without leaving the comfort of the kitchen.

Watch part one (outside smoking!) here, part two (inside tricks!) above, and follow along with the recipe from ChefSteps here.

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