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McDonald’s Lets the Internet Build Their Own Burgers, Chaos Ensues

McDonald’s New Zealand

McDonald’s just got thoroughly trolled by its customers in New Zealand. To promote its Create Your Taste touch-screen burger kiosks, the chain launched an interactive — and seemingly rather innocuous — promotion: Customers could visit a new website to build and name their own burger creations online, then generate scannable QR codes that would enable them to actually order said burgers in-store.

As the Metro points out, things started out innocently enough as customers whipped up extra-cheesy creations stacked high with bacon, brie, grilled pineapple, beets, and other ingredients. But things went downhill from there, as the burgers quickly got weirder, more perverse, and in some cases, wildly offensive.

As users created their burgers, they could then save them so they’d be displayed on the website’s front page for all the world to see — and that was the campaign’s downfall. Dorkly notes that anyone who visited the site on Wednesday night witnessed "a non-stop parade of the world's most racist sandwiches," including plenty of "Nazi propaganda." Unsurprisingly, the make-your-own-burger site was soon yanked, and the URL now directs to the regular McDonald’s New Zealand site.

While the most offensive creations have seemingly been vanquished from the web, Dorkly did snap some screenshots of some of the absurdities:

More cheese than anyone should consume in one sitting
McDonald’s via Dorkly
Guaranteed to confuse the hell out of McDonald’s workers
McDonald’s via Dorkly
This is just a pile of mayonnaise
McDonald’s via Dorkly

On an only tangentially related note, the McDonald’s — or Macca’s, as Kiwis puzzlingly refer to it — New Zealand website reveals all sorts of strange treasures we don’t get in America: banana Oreo shakes! Frozen Fanta Pineapple! Cheese and gravy-slathered fries! Bacon-and-egg hand pies! (No all-day breakfast, however.)

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