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The Science of Ice Cream; Matt Damon on How to Win a Bar Fight

Six things to know right now


Congratulations, you've made it through another week. Celebrate by making some ice cream this weekend. Or dive into Eater restaurant editor and roving critic Bill Addison's shiny new list of the 21 best new restaurants across the country. Bonus: Here are the nine runners up that didn't quite make the cut.

In other news: It's ice cream season; bacon jam is so over; Obi is a robotic dining companion for people with disabilities; Matt Damon shows you how to win a bar fight (if you're Matt Damon); and Gordon Ramsay on Brexit.

— Ben & Jerry's is hiring secret shoppers so your dreams of being paid to taste ice cream may indeed come true.

— Speaking of ice cream: Here is a comprehensive, exhaustive guide to the science of ice cream.

— Bacon jam is now officially over.

— Meet Obi, a robotic dining companion for people with disabilities.

— Gordon Ramsay on Brexit: "It was a disaster, to think there was a difference of 1.5 million votes," he told Chelsea Handler. "So the country went into meltdown, everyone started shi*ing themselves."

— Finally, Matt Damon on how to win a bar fight.