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Watch: Chef Ashley Christensen Shares Her Technique for Fried Chicken and Honey

Savory and sweet

Chefs Ashley Christensen and Edward Lee are two of the most prominent names in modern Southern cooking. In this video from Mind of a Chef, the two get together in the kitchen, and Christensen teaches Lee how she likes to make fried chicken. The key: drizzle on a little honey at the end.

"When I was a child, my mom made fried chicken all the time and my dad was a hobbyist beekeeper, and so we drizzled the fried chicken in honey," Christensen says in the video. "To me, it makes such great sense because it's kind of like the reason that we eat salty popcorn and sweet chocolate at the movie theater."

Christensen brines her chicken for 12 hours, then gives it a nice soaking in buttermilk. After a dredge in seasoned all-purpose flower, the pieces go into a cast iron skillet and fry in hot oil. When its done, a quick sprinkling of salt comes before the chef drizzles on a mixture of warm honey, butter, chilis, garlic, and thyme. Christensen calls it "really elegant."

Watch the video above, and prepare for a massive craving for fried chicken.